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Christopher County (Overlanders)
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Thank you for your interest in our community! Please let us know the number of bedrooms you are looking for in the “Comments” box on the next page.

Garden Court (Kingsway)
10211 Princess Elizabeth Ave
Edmonton, AB, T5G 0Y1
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Cameron County (Overlanders)
35 Homestead Crescent
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4P4
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Victoria County (Hermitage)
8 Hooper Crescent Northwest
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4K7
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Harrow Court
144 Harrow Circle
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4H8
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Cavell Ridge (Overlanders)
1352 Hermitage Road
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4T5
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Hartford County (Overlander)
991A Hooke Road
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4M1
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Hooke County (Overlander)
991A Hooke Road
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4K5
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Durham County (Hermitage)
350 Hooper Crescent
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4P1
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Christopher County (Overlanders)
1112 Hermitage Road
Edmonton, AB, T5A 4M4

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